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Leena Norms Limited Edition Sustainable Silk Seasonal Dress

"The concept behind this one always fills people with delight when I explain that it's colour coded to get people into eating seasonally - I've worn this to weddings, I've rolled it up to travel with, I've put it on to sit around the house when I'm blue. If I was a cartoon character, this would be my always-outfit." - Leena.

Fun and flowing, this dress is everything you need to add some zest to your wardrobe. The print depicts what is in season in the UK and when: yellow is Spring, orange is Summer, pink is Autumn and Magenta is Winter. This dress is effortlessly beautiful, and fit for days in the sun, or nights under the stars..

Limited edition and made from ethically sourced organic silk, the v-neck flatters all with the back pleat creating volume and playfulness!

Choose between the original length or our 2.0 edition, which is 12cm longer and comes with a tie to style as you wish.

Only available to preorder for the month of May, we will collate the orders at the end of the month and only make what it wanted. The dresses will be sent out as soon as they are ready but we estimate this as mid July.

This dress is hand made in London supporting small local business. 10% of Gung Ho's profits are donated to different charities that work with the issues we campaign around, in this case Friends of the Earth. Each of our garments come with a dinky minizine that highlights the issue you are wearing, why it is so important and the little everyday things that you can do to help.

This dress is one size, fitting sizes 6 - 16/18.
Bust: 70cm across, Arms: 20cm, Original length: 112cm, +12cm length: 124cm with a 2m tie.
The nature of the cut and flow of the garment allows a super relaxed and comfortable fit. This allows the garments to be more versatile and adapt to your lifestyle if you lose or gain weight. Print placement will vary by garment due to the size of the repeat, and to ensure we make the most out of the fabric.

Limited edition this dress is made from ethically sourced organic silk. Silk is a fine and strong natural fibre collected from cocoons made by silkworms. These silkworms are fed on leaves from mulberry trees. The mulberry tree requires no pesticides or fertilisers, grown organically, requiring less water than cotton.This silk is Bluesign certified for responsible and sustainable textile manufacturing and production, Certification of Environmental Standards with SRS and CERES Organic Silk Certification. The original dress was made from a silk tencel blend but this has been discontinued and this silk still ticks all our boxes when in comes to our ethics as well as being the same weight and draping in the same way. The fabric is printed in Gloucestershire.

Beautifully light, hand wash and hang dry. Iron or steam.