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Reworked Denim Jacket #4

If Gung Ho was a jacket, it would be this... Reworked to make anyone swoon, with a full lining pieced together from numerous different offcuts as well as detailed patches on the front, side, sleeve and back, can you beat it?! We played matchy matchy with our Endangered Dress, but let's face it any colour and print is a go.

Unisex size large, style this jacket oversize or to fit up to a size 16. Modelled by the wonderful sustainable stylist Tatiana who is 5ft and a size 8.

Jacket sourced and hand sewn in London. One of a kind.

This piece is from our Gung Ho Reworked collection, where we buy damaged vintage pieces from our friends at local London vintage supplier Make Do And Mend, combining offcuts and fabric from products sent back to us at the end of their lifetime to give these pieces a new lease of life. If you have any Gung Ho items that are damaged or you don't wear anymore, please send them back to us (for free) in exchange for 10% of what you paid for it originally. Isn't it about time brands thought about their products throughout their whole lifespan? We think so. Learn more about the project here.