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Renewables Jumpsuit - SAMPLE


This sample was made to try out the style & print and has only been worn on shoot - it's the exact garment you see in these product photos!

From the dawn of time, humans have been obsessed with harnessing the power of the planet. This renewables print showcases different examples of deities and gods that utilise the natural elements. Switching to renewable energy is the most sustainable change we can do right now.

This print includes: Neptune the Roman god of freshwater, Isis the Egyptian goddess of the sea, Tlaloc the Aztec rain god, Mazu 媽祖 the Chinese goddess of the sea, Boreas the Roman god of the North wind, Raijin 雷神 the Japanese god of thunder, lightning, and storms, Medeina the Lithuanian ruler of forests, trees and animals, Kamadhenu the Hindu mother of all cows (and the earth), Frigg the Viking goddess of the sky, Ahura Mazda the Persian king of gods, Amaterasu Ōmikami the Japanese sun goddess and Chang'e 嫦娥 the Chinese goddess of the moon.

This best selling jumpsuit is one of a kind and a real head turner. Complete with a subtle collar, straight cut leg and an adjustable waist tie, this jumpsuit is universally flattering. Pair with wedges or trainers and feel equally as special.

Each of our prints are designed to start conversations around a current issue. If you would like to know more about the meaning behind the prints before purchasing, please click here. Our garments come with a talking point minizine that explains the issue you are wearing, why it is important and what you can do to help. This way the next time someone compliments your blouse, you can talk about your passion without the preach.

10% of our profits go back to a charity that works with that issue you’re wearing.

One of our core beliefs is to design to be flexible. With drop shoulders and ties at the waist, if you gain or lose a bit of weight this shape will still make you look and feel fabulous. To avoid excess manufacturing and wastage we offer our garments in two sizes, XS/S (6, 8, 10) and M/L (12, 14, 16). Print placement will vary by garment due to the size of the repeat, and to ensure we make the most out of the fabric.

Leena is 5ft 2", size 14/16 & wears an M/L.

76% Organic Cotton, 24% Hemp, beautifully textured and made to last. We also offer our garments in a different set of prints in Regenesis (Recycled plastic bottles), read up here to find out which type of fabric matches your ethos.
Sleeve detailing is also made with 60% organic cotton / 40% natural rubber elastic, after all it's all about the details.
Our labels are also made of recycled polyester, helping repurpose what is already out there. All our packaging is recyclable and biodegradable.

Care: Machine wash on low temperature (30), hang dry, iron or steam for fresh style.

We have partnered up with our London makers to rethink the system and are incredibly proud to work with such talented people and support small local businesses. This regenesis fabric was printed in Gloucestershire, made in China with the relevant recycled certifications.

Please see below to scroll through the people behind the garment, certifications and story of how it is made. We think it is important to be as transparent as possible.

We now use reusable packaging for our UK orders to help reduce waste. If your order comes in a reusable package, please follow the instructions to send it back using the pre-paid postage sticker included inside. For orders outside the UK, all our packaging is recyclable and plastic free.