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Mix Print

Mix Print

A limited edition release, this print features a mix of all the different campaigns so far. A compilation of all the past prints, including; Precious insects, Plastic Oceans, Food for thought and Climate change.

Everything is connected, so this is a print for someone who wants to champion it all!

Our Precious Insects prints champion just how vital our insects are to the planet. Over ¾ of wild flowering plant species in temperate regions need pollination by insects to fully develop their fruits and seeds. Without them, it would cost farmers at least £1.8 billion a year to hand pollinate crops. We want to encourage people to get wild in their gardens, which in turn supports a variety of insects that also help pollination as well as a richer ecosystem. Plant bee-friendly varieties to provide a wealth of nectar and pollen for bees, as well as shopping organically to help support those farms producing without harmful pesticides.

Did you know a truck load of trash goes into the ocean every single minute?

This amount is set to treble within a decade.

In our Plastic Oceans prints it’s time for change, and to cut back on our single plastic use. It’s the small everyday choices that make a difference. Get into the habit of using reusables like water bottles and coffee cups and make the switch to more sustainable alternatives. Support zero waste shops when you can and refillable products (or those not using plastic packaging)! Email your MP, favourite companies and work to make these changes too.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. 

Our Food For Thought campaign looked at many different issues within the food system. From the wonky and wonderful produce that gets discarded simply due to its aesthetics, eating more plant based and seasonally, to how far our food comes to get to our plate, pesticides and the amount of water needed to produce our food! We think when it comes to food, going back to our roots and supporting local small businesses growing organic seasonal produce couldn’t be more exciting. With more and more plant based options on the table it’s even easier to make the switch (it doesn’t need to be all or nothing either)! 

Climate change is a big topic, nothing new, but this is a pivotal time for change. The IPCC reported in 2022, it’s ‘now or never’ if the world is to stave off climate disaster. To achieve safer temperatures and minimise the impact of climate change, the world must reduce annual CO2 emissions by about 50% by 2030, and reach net zero by 2050. If we go over the ​​1.5°C threshold we unleash far more severe climate change effects on people, wildlife and ecosystems. In short, we will face extreme weather conditions that will become even more frequent - something that we have zero control over. We campaigned from extreme weather, the impact on endangered species, as well as the everyday actions we can take to make a difference. 

By purchasing this print you are supporting charity organisations that put the wellbeing and protection of the natural world as a number one priority - thank you! 

Talk about it. Word of mouth is powerful and the more these subjects are spoken about, the higher up on the agenda they will become.