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Our Values

Our Values

Good Print. In a Good Home. For a Good World.

At Gung Ho, we’re on a mission to bring more positivity into the world around you. Through intricately hand-drawn or painted prints that are jam-packed with meaning, it’s time to surround yourself with bold design that showcases your passions and beliefs.

Each Gung Ho design campaigns for a different cause. We take inspiration from societal and environmental issues to create thought-provoking stories of positivity. 

This is not for the faint-hearted. This is design that means more.

From the beauty of British biodiversity to the personal stories of displacement, or the success of wildlife conservation around the world, these issues are explored within the detail of the print. 

And we don’t stop there. Gung Ho continually strives to leave as little impact as possible, support good people and give back to the charities working in the areas that give our designs so much meaning. 

So go on - surround yourself with good, feel positive about the future and help to create a better world for us all.

Environmental commitment 

We believe that the best design can be good for the planet too. From working with natural & sustainable fabrics right through to our cushion filling, we do the research to make sure we're making as little impact as we can. 

All our wallpapers are made to order, zero waste style. Printed on FSC paper using environmentally friendly inks which are lightfast and durable. Our designs are digitally printed in Cheshire and sent directly to you to avoid any excess mileage.

Our fashion fabrics are end of roll, left over from our fashion adventure and looking for a new home. From regenesis (made from recycled plastic bottles), regenerative organic silk, organic cotton hemp, all our fabrics are printed with inks that are Azo free and Oeko-Tex certified and printed in Gloucestershire.

We’ve even launched a range of furnishing fabrics to encourage upcycling and giving your old loved items a new lease of life. Reupholstering what is already made cuts down on a lot of energy and waste. We love investing in pieces that we can make our own but already have character in abundance!

On that note, founder Sophie has been back in the silk screen printing studio and drops limited edition artworks upcycling antique botanical prints… Each one of a kind, if you haven’t seen them you can find them here.

All our kitchen and dining products are printed and made in Cheshire in small batches using organic fabrics.

Our cushions are either made and printed in Gloucestershire in small batches, or made to order, knitted by Robert in London as soon as your orders come through. All our cushion inserts are made from sustainably sourced British sheep’s wool, made in the UK and are hypoallergenic - what a win.

To top it all off our packaging is biodegradable & recycled. Our tissue paper and stickers use soy inks on recycled paper and our labels and cards are all on recycled kraft. Any care labels are 100% recycled threads.


10% of our net profits are donated to charity. We want to give back to organisations that work with the issues represented in our designs. This means each design can help benefit the cause it champions. 


We believe in a positive and transparent supply chain. We proudly make everything in the UK, with the exception of fabric (plain) that is imported before we print. Gung Ho is also committed to protect the environment and animal welfare, as well as adhering to all existing local, national and international laws and regulations in regard to working conditions, environmental management and ethical business practices throughout all our operations. We have developed great relationships with our suppliers, and have worked with some for over 7 years. 

Gung Ho is extremely committed to embracing diversity and equal opportunity. We strongly believe that a culturally inclusive team, representing a wide array of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills, will help us build a better company and a better future. 

Gung Ho is proudly a female owned business.


We understand that our sense of style might not be everyone’s cup of tea - which is why when we campaign around these issues we also throw events for our community to involve and inspire as many people as possible. You don’t need to be full print Gung Ho style to be part of our movement. 

Gung Ho has collaborated with a number of incredibly inspiring sustainable chefs to put on themed supper clubs, beach cleans and nights to support other types of artists to have a platform to express our mutual passion for change. We like to ask our community to bring a friend that might not think about going to events like these so we can engage with new minds. 

Do get in touch if you would like to collaborate on something.